Look out America , Behemoth is coming!

I just finished this illustration of Nergal, frontman of extreme metal band, Behemoth. With a brand new record, “The Satanist”, they have been playing sold out shows in Europe. Lookout America, we are next! The US Metal Alliance tour begins this week. See them, before they see YOU!

Look out America, Behemoth is coming!

My sketches on Nergal’s Facebook page.


Over the weekend, I did these quickie sketches of Adam “Nergal” Darski, of polish extreme metal band, “Behemoth”. You may or may not know who he is, you may or may not like the kind of music that he plays and his point of view, but you cannot deny that he has an interesting story. He is a poster child for freedom of speech and thought (years of court woes in Poland over a blashpemy charge that was later dropped), a leukemia survivor, a bone marrow center charitable benefactor, as well as front man for what is probably the leading extreme metal band in the world at the moment.

I found reference of him online and sketched a range of different expressions positing them to my sketchbook online here as well as to my Instagram account. Just for the heck of it, I tagged both Nergal and the Behemoth band Instagram accounts when doing so. Lo and behold, the next day I recieved a message from Nergal, asking I would send them to him and if he could post to his Facebook. Of course I agreed, how could I not? I really didn’t expect him to see them, but he liked them enough to email me and post them to his offical Facebook page, so that was really cool.
Thanks Nergal!
See you when you come to Philly in August.

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Stuff has been percolating in the studio and I’ve been too busy to post. There’s a huge project that’s in the works that’s going to need some “audience participation” and I will let y’all know when it’s live!
We are in the middle of a nor’easter right now, so I best strap my snow shoes back on and get back in the studio. Really, I don’t have snow shoes, and my studio is in the upstairs of my house but the latter makes for a more romantic image, no?

Introducing “Squeak of the Week”

As you know from my last post, I’ve re-decorated the studio and have since been crafting a carefully curated collection of interesting things to put in it.  Over the weekend we happened upon a local antique shop that I had never been in. We came across this really awesome antique black walnut carved wood accent shelf. I am in love with it. It reminds me of the old german carved cuckoo clocks and it kind of makes me dream of sporting pigtails, leiderhosen  and drinking a tall pint of hefeweizen.

Anyway, I scored a great price on it with the dealer (50% off yeah!), and knew right away that it would sit on the wall right above my computer. Brian suggested that I display my squeak toys on it. In his words, “a triumphant squeak toy”.  A different one every week. And “Squeak of the Week” was born.

Every week, I will post a different vintage squeak toy from my collection. I have many. A few years worth, give or take a week. And they are all different. This will be fun! Follow along on my Instagram #michelemelcherillustration and on Tumblr at Squeak of the Week . ENJOY!

Fresh start 2014 – Studio 2.0

Happy New Year!

It’s always nice to have some sort of a fresh start with the New Year. I took a few weeks off over the holiday and decided to reorganize and paint my studio to do just that. The studio had always been a functional workspace, but I was never 100 % happy with it.  Too much furniture in too tight a space made for cramped, dust-behind-everything conditions on top of it starting to become a catch all for junk. It felt like it wasn’t so much my workplace as much as it was becoming a storage room that I worked in.  Worse yet, I had some serious studio envy when I look at other people’s awesome work spaces. I know, one of my first rules of sanity is not to compare myself to others but COME ON ….have you seen PRIMER’S space?

So I cleared it all out, including my filing cabinet and the studio crawlspace (which I could not even walk in) and heaved a bunch of crap to the curb and shoved the rest of it into the attic – ha. Below are some pictures of the before and the after. Sorry about the poor quality of the shots but the slanted ceiling makes it a hard room to photograph. The before shots are while the operation was happening so there is a bunch of crap everywhere. The after shots are what it looks like at the moment. There are still things that I want to do to the space, get a new light fixture for the ceiling, put some carefully curated stuff up on the walls, accents that will make the space “mine” but I’m really happy with the way it is turning out so far. I’m kind of going for what my version of a “man cave” would be since I am not a girly girl really at all.  I love working in here now…even if it’s just to sit and drink my coffee while I read the news.

PS, I still cannot walk in the crawlspace.