Popcorn Sutton sketch

Line art for a portrait illustration of Popcorn Sutton


Die Antwoord Character Study

Character Sketch


Everybody Dance!

I’m trying to get more animals in my portfolio. After all, they are some of my favorite subjects. Sketched these guys today.


RIP Ernest Borgnine

When I was a kid I thought he was scary. As an adult, his is the kind of face that I would rather draw. A pretty face is nice, but a face with character is what is beautiful to draw.


Expression sketches

Here is a sketch of some different expressions for a fun project I’m working on right now. I wish I could just stay in my studio and draw cats every day. Forever. And. Ever. #crazycatlady Enjoy!


Sketch and color study for Walking Dead

Directly from my sketchbook to show darks and lights. The next step is to clean and tighten it up a bit in order to get everything in its correct place and to make a clean line drawing for color studies. I usually do my color studies in Photoshop to save time. Not the most glamorous […]